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Soviet Occupation of Germany:

  • Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Saxony Province
  • West Saxony
  • East Saxony

Germany, the interwar period:

  • Territory of the Saar Basin: types and varieties of the 1920 issue

West Germany:

  • Berlin, the Buildings issue of 1949

Independent State of Croatia:

  • provisional issues of 1941
  • definitive issue: scenery of Croatia


  • an overview of issues 1874/93
State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs:

  • 15 vinar stamp: sheets, types and varieties
  • 5 krone postage due stamp, Vienna print: a sheet and varieties
  • contemporary forgeries: Padevet and the "Sunday Edition"


  • King Alexander Memorial Issue
  • King Peter II, 1939/40
  • postage dues 1931/49 (next)
  • Zone B, 1945 definitive issue, Ljubljana printing
  • 2nd provisional issue of Fiume (1945): overprint forgery
  • postal tax stamps

Republic of Slovenia:

  • more flaws on coat of arms issues 1991/92
  • reprints of modern issues

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Germany, stamp sheets of the inflation era
State of SCS, issues for Croatia, definitive issue of 1919
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