The vision

Imagine you had at your disposal a complete register of variations and subtypes of postage stamps for all countries all over the World. Updated on a daily basis, fully accessible anywhere, any time on any device you use; and totally free of charge.

Then you could always check your collection and duplicates for varieties and subtypes. Maybe there are hidden treasures inside you weren't aware of. Maybe you could enrich your collection with rare varieties and hence increase its value. Or maybe you could help other collectors by sharing information with them.

For some countries specialized philatelic literature is limited or even non-existent. By participating in this Wiki you contribute to worldwide philatelic studies and increasing awareness about varieties among collectors. And above all you are co-creating an extensive and specialized philatelic encyclopedia.

My colleagues and I decided to start sharing our knowledge and collections. We hope it will be of help to you and that you will join us in the worldwide community of philatelists.

With best regards,
Andrej Verbic

August 31st, 2015