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Slovakia, the First Republic: 26 varieties & some sheet fragments

Stamps of Slovakia 29 September 2017 Starting a new section with 26 varieties of Slovak stamps, issued in times of the First Republic (Slovenský štát), between 1939-1945. Click here to access the page. If you have more varieties of Slovak stamps and you wish to participate in improving the page, please contact us.

Zone B, Istria and Slovene Littoral: provisional issue of 1947

Stamps of Istria and Slovene Littoral 7 August 2017 Presentation of overprint types and flaws on basic stamps of the provisional issue of 1947 is now available here. Apart from 127 scans presenting types and flaws, complete sheets are also available for you to study. 2 May 2017 The Zagreb print of definitives is presented with 179 varieties and 17 sheets of stamps. As the most of the positions are identifiable, only the most prominent […]