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1991/12/11 Christmas.
Printed in sheets of 25 (5 x 5). Circulation: 1.525.000 stamps.

4 din, multicolor

Constant varieties

Field number
I White spot on baby's left hand White spot on baby’s left hand ?

Postal Tax Stamps

1991/05/16 Anniversary: 700 years from founding of the convent in Trsat.
Printed in sheets of 25. Circulation: 7.500.000 perforated and 1.000.000 imperforate stamps.
Valid until: May 31st, 1991.

1,70 din, multicolor

Constant varieties

Field number Sheets
I Red dot above letter B in Božje Red dot above B in Božje 23 To see images in full size open them in a new tab or browser window and zoom in.



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