Varieties on Croatian Military Postal Service Stamps

Croatian military postal service was founded in August 1944. In the decree which was published in the circular for postal employees in PBB Vijestnik 1944, Nr. 16 (extract published by Žiberna, 2011: 84-85) it was stated that special stamps would be used for sending parcels from home to the front. Soldiers would send these stamps to the people they wanted to receive packages from.

From the beginning the military postal stamps were endowed in mystery as the public was never informed about their issue. Philatelic societies and stamp dealers couldn’t obtain any valid information from the authorities and as a result these issues were disputed for a long time.

On top, the actual usage of these stamps on parcels was not recorded and no such material is known to exist. According to the (unverified) rumors the stamp for parcels up to 2 kg was sold in the post office Zagreb 6 on the 24th of March and stamped with German military seal.

1945, January. Stamps for parcels of up to 2 kg.

Designed by unknown artist, printed in offset in Državna tiskara in Zagreb (?). Paper white, gum white. Perforation 10 – 10¼. Printed in sheets of 45 (9 x 5). The stamps appeared on philatelic market in April 1945.

Stamps printed: 2.000.000 (disputed)

The postal office employee, receiving the package, would write the parcel number (in the field titled BR.) and weight (in the field titled GRAMA) and put a clear cachet over the stamps where the city and date of reception are seen.

I Black dot below letter B in BOJNO Black dot below letter B in BOJNO 5
II Broken frame above letters K and A in POŠTANSKA Broken frame above letters K and A in POŠTANSKA 10
III Red smudge in the center field of the coat of arms Red smudge in the center field of the coat of arms 28
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