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Croatia in WWII: 28 new images on Official stamps page

Stamps of Croatia

29 November 2017
28 new images were added to the Independent State of Croatia’s official stamps section. Click here to access the page.

24 November 2017
The page with semi-postal and commemorative issues of Independent State of Croatia was updated today with 29 varieties and 8 sheets. Click here to access the page.

1 September 2017
Several pages of Independent State of Croatia were updated with 54 varieties. Click on links below to access the content:

27 March 2017
Both commemorative and definitive issues of 100 kuna stamp depicting scenery of the city of Banja Luka are now presented with 2 complete sheets and 11 plate flaws.

  • for the commemorative issue with letters FI (Filatelistička Izložba: Philatelic Exhibition) and a sheet of 100 stamps click here
  • for a list of plate flaws on defitintive stamp click here
  • a sheet of 100 stamps of commemorative issue is available here for you to study.

22 November 2016
Eleven varieties were added to sections provisional issues and commemorative and semi postal issues of the Independent State of Croatia .

14 November 2016
68 new varieties were added today in the Croatian Scenery Issue section. Many constant varieties, not yet mentioned in literature were found and described. Click on the links below to access desired page:

24 October 2016
Today 37 varieties and types of Croatian postage dues from World War II era were added to the section. Click here to access the page.

24 March 2016
8 varieties and 2 sheets of stamps were added to the Independent State of Croatia, Red Cross surcharge stamps section.

Particularly interesting are varieties on the 1943 issue as they appear uniformly throughout the sheet. It appears that during the production a film of 25 stamps was multiplied 4 times to create a base for a sheet of 100 stamps.

5 February 2016
Red spots (lying C) in the center of coat of arms. This plate error was mentioned by Ercegović and Jugomarka stamp catalogue.

For other errors and complete sheets click here.