Provisional issue for Ljubljana 1945

1945/06/07 Provisional issues for the city of Ljubljana. Stamps of the German occupation of Slovenia (Ljubljana province) overprinted with new values and country inscriptions in letterpress.
Printed in sheets of 100.
Valid until: June 30th, 1945

50 cents, violet, overprint black

Stamps overprinted: 184.600.

Constant varieties on stamps
“Telegraph lines” (appear on the 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. and 59. stamp and are different on each stamp)

See also: this variety on a full strip of stamps without the overprint click here

See also: a part of full sheet containing the complete strip click here

Telegraph lines Telegraph lines

1 lira, dark green, overprint black

Stamps overprinted: 351.400.

Overprint in red color (9.000 stamps overprinted)

Red overprint

5 lira, red brown, overprint black

Stamps overprinted: 63.800.

Constant varieties on stamps
Two “telegraph lines” (They appear on more than one stamp in a sheet and are all different. Please check the German occupation of Slovenia for more details.)

Telegraph lines


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