Definitive issue of 1919 – 3 vinar stamp, lithography

The 3 vinar stamp in lithography was printed once in Tiskarna Blaznikovi nasledniki in Ljubljana. Details are displayed in the table below:

Date Circulation Paper types Colors Perforation
12 February 1919 4.976.000 Rough thin paper
  • turbid purple
  • light purple
  • turbid brown

Print plates

Schematic drawing, 3 vinar, lithography print plates layout
3 vinar lithography print plates
with types of sun rays

Press sheet consisted of 300 stamps, arranged in two columns, each having 150 stamps (10 x 15). These were then separated by perforation after the 10th line to create sheets of 100 and 50 stamps. Consequently, sheets of 100 stamps don’t have the bottom frame and sheets of 50 the upper frame. Press sheet therefore consisted of:

As sheets of 100 stamps with bottom frame also exist it is possible that these stamps were also printed in press sheets of 400 stamps. These were then separated into 4 sheets of 100 stamps each. Click here for schematic drawing.

Sheet of 100 stamps (10 x 10) Sheet of 50 stamps (10 x 5)
Example 1 Example 1
Example 2


Typology based on sun rays

Print plates were produced by multiplication of a strip of 10 forms, each having different layout of sun rays.

Types of sun rays
3 vinar, sun rays type 1
Type I
3 vinar, sun rays type 2
Type II
3 vinar, sun rays type 3
Type III
3 vinar, sun rays type 4
Type IV
3 vinar, sun rays type 5
Type V
3 vinar, sun rays type 6
Type VI
3 vinar, sun rays type 7
Type VII
3 vinar, sun rays type 8
3 vinar, sun rays type 9
Type IX
3 vinar, sun rays type 10
Type X