Definitive issue of 1920 – 15 para stamp

The 15 para stamp was printed in letterpress and perforated by rouletting (perce en scie). The stamp was issued on 16 June 1920 and printed in circulation of 13.006.800.

Grammatical error in country name KRALIEVSTVO instead of KRALJEVSTVO appears on all values.

Print plates

Schematic drawing, a reconstruction of the print plate
Schematic drawing of 15 para print plate

The press sheet consisted of 450 stamps arranged in 4 panes: 2 panes of 120 stamps (15 x 8) and 2 panes of 105 stamps (15 x 7). Press sheet was than divided into:

Types and varieties

I SHS Slovenia 1920 15 para postage stamp: Letters E and O in KRALIEVSTVO damaged. Letters E and O in KRALIEVSTVO damaged. 97