Varieties and Types of Postage Stamps of the First Austrian Republic

January 1922 – December 1924. Definitive issue. Printed in letterpress.

POSSIBLE CONSTANT VARIETIES (not mentioned in literature)
2 krone, gray blue
1 White spot on the lower left part of the central ornament. Austria 1922 2 kronen postage stamp error


November 1921 – September 1930. Definitive issue, scenery.

Groschen values printed in letterpress, Schilling values in line engraving. Sheet consists of 100 stamps (10 x 10). Perforation comb 12½ on Groschen values and line 12½ on Schilling values.

10 g., brown orange Field number
I Austria, 1929 postage stamp error: Burg Güssing Broken vertical line in decoration in the lower left frame (looks like i) ?


1934/1936. Definitive issue, Austrian national costumes.

6 g., deep blue
I, II Austria, postage stamp type, 6 groschen, Winzer aus der Wachau, Niederösterreich
  • Type I: dwarf-like thin ears.
  • Type II: ears retouched, nicely elaborated (1935).
2 s., green
I, II Austria 1935 postage stamp type, 2 schilling, Tiroler Kaiserschützen Type I (1934):

  • color bluish green,
  • eagle in coat of arms with white feathers.

Type II (1935):

  • color yellowish green,
  • coat of arms in the lower right corner re-engraved.


POSSIBLE CONSTANT VARIETIES OR TYPES (not mentioned in literature)
35 groschen, red
1 Area around girl’s right eye dark, shading lines on face head scarf heavy. Austria 1934 35 groschen postage stamp error


9 June 1937. Commemorative issue. Celebrating 100 years of steamship service on river Danube.

Printed in line engraving in sheets of 50 (10 x 5). Perforation line 12.

24g., dark blue Field number
I Austria 1937 postage stamp error Oval stain in the sky below letters S and T in ÖSTERREICH 31



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